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We operate on the Czech market in the field of production
steel structures and following services
related to construction and implementation since 1996.

Connection s.r.o.

Texas Connection s.r.o.

Operates on the Czech market in the field of steel construction and subsequent services related to construction and implementation since 1996. The company's production sector also includes various types of steel halls or turnkey construction for industry and agriculture..

With our technical equipment, we can handle projects requiring welding, pipe bending, sheet metal cutting, bending, milling, drilling, grinding and polishing. From other steel profiles we produce atypical steel structures for shelters, roofing, doors or glazed facades.

In this sector, we mainly focus on dog pens and kennels, wooden shelters, garages, wooden fences and wooden facades. We also offer our customers products in a combination of metal and wood.


Establishment of the company

of the company

The year is 1986. Pavel Mališ goes to Switzerland to gain new experience in the field of welding steel structures. After his return in 1992, he establishes a locksmith shop that offers various constructions according to customers' wishes. His passion becomes western horses. In 1996, he establishes ZK, Ltd. offering breeding equipment.
The largest Czech producer

The largest
Czech producer

The production program of ZK, s.r.o. consists of a range of breeding equipment for dogs, horses, cattle, sheep and is gradually expanding. The company successfully presents its products at breeding exhibitions.
Major business partners

business partners

We establish new business partnerships and export our products to 4 European countries. ZK company is also engaged in the construction of various shelters and dog hotels. In 2002, the business company Texas Connection s.r.o. was established.
Start of production of steel halls

Start of production
of steel halls

We are constantly learning. We are inspired by America, especially the city of Fort Worth in Texas, where we visited big, amazing companies and met for the first time a steel hall manufacturer who showed us around his projects.
Start of the arch halls production

Start of the
arch halls production

The company invests in new equipment and starts production of light steel structures. We offer various types of solutions and also the production of custom-made arch halls. We are successfully completing our first orders.
New products production improvements

New products
production improvements

We are adding new livestock products to our catalogue of livestock equipment. We are also dedicated to improving and optimizing the production of arch halls to offer our customers products and service at attractive prices.
We keep up with the times

We keep up
with the times

Developments in our industry have advanced considerably. We are still trying our best to keep up with this trend. Quality and customer satisfaction have always been of paramount importance to the company.

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