Breeding facilities

Our technical equipment allows us to produce almost any kind of construction of breeding equipment and other locksmith products. Our own handling equipment and vehicle fleet allows us independence and flexibility. Good references and guarantees of professional and timely handling are our priority. The minimum of complaints on our products is a testament to the quality of our workmanship and finishes. That is why we are the right choice not only for larger units such as a cattle farming cooperative, but also for smaller farmers with sheep, cattle and horses who have a farm or a farm.

Fence panels

Using a simple connection system, the fence panels can be assembled into a circular riding arena, paddocks, handling aisle and mobile boxes.

Pasture gates

Grazing gates are essential for making entry and exit points to your pastures.

Tents for horses

Setting up a horse tent is quick and easy. This system is stable and robust and can therefore be installed on any terrain without building foundations and anchoring.

Circular riding stables

We produce circular riding stables for horses in two versions. Circular riding stables with tarpaulin roof or circular riding stables with shingle roof.

Boxes for horses

Our indoor horse boxes are available in various sizes and designs.

Pasture shelters

Grazing shelters are a simple solution for protecting your livestock from rain, wind, snow and sun.


We produce feeders for livestock in various sizes and designs. We offer net feeders, metal feeders or safety feeders.


We offer Economic Feeder with a diameter of 170 cm and 210 cm.

Feeder TEXAS

We produce the TEXAS FEEDER with a diameter of 185 cm. The feeder is suitable for longhorn cattle.

Features and benefits


Low maintenance

Hot-dip galvanized

Wide range of
PVC roofing colours

Our implementation of
breeding facilities

Breeding facilities

Cattle shelter 6 x 6 m

Breeding facilities

Circular riding hall, diameter 18 m

Horse Round Series
Circular riding stables
Breeding facilities

Indoor horse boxes

Boxes for horses
Breeding facilities

Tent for 48 horses

Tents for horses