How to choose
breeding facilities

We will advise you on what you need to consider
to make the right product selection to suit your needs.

Purpose of the breeding facility

Breeding facilities make it easier and faster for breeders to work with animals. Working with breeding equipment is also safer. Some breeding equipment such as feeders help to optimise feed losses. Fence panels are suitable for building pens and paddocks or for safe handling of animals. Shelters provide shelter for horses and cattle from inclement weather.

Dimensions of the breeding equipment

Choosing the dimensions of the breeding facility is not difficult. In our offer you will find standard sizes of feeders, fence panels, shelters, grazing gates and horse boxes. It's up to you what suits you best. We can also manufacture other sizes of breeding equipment on request.


Leave the choice of material to us. All of our breeding equipment is made only from high quality and safe materials. In almost 25 years of manufacturing breeding equipment, we have not encountered any serious complaints about our products. You can count on getting quality breeding equipment every time.

Type of breeding facility

In our range of breeding equipment you can choose from cheaper and more expensive product alternatives. In comparison, we can mention, for example, a 3 x 6 m canvas horse shelter or a 3 x 6 m wooden horse shelter. Each made of a different material and at a different price. Both shelters, however, fulfil their purpose perfectly.


We offer installation of breeding equipment mainly for pasture shelters, round riding stables, horse tents and horse boxes. Other breeding equipment such as fence panels and feeders can either be simply assembled or used immediately.

Maintenance of breeding equipment

Thanks to the durable and long-lasting materials, there is no need for complicated maintenance of the breeding equipment. The steel construction is hot-dip galvanized, the different types of coverings are only from proven suppliers. The wooden fillings are treated with anti-mould and anti-humidity paint.

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