Kennels for dogs

Our dog pens can be assembled quickly and easily. Assembly is done with special couplings and strength screws. The steel frames of the pens are hot-dip galvanized. This surface treatment guarantees a long durability of the pens. Our dog kennels are used by various dog breeds, kennels or government departments. Our pride is the almost zero complaints of our products.

Standard kennel - net

Dog pens with a front mesh wall are our best-selling types of pens. The mesh walls have a mesh size of 5 x 5 cm. The pens are suitable for all breeds of dogs.

Standard kennel - log

Our other very popular dog pens. The pens with a log front wall are mainly used by medium and large dog breeds.

Kennels with annex

Our kennels for dogs are also available as a kennel with an annex, which can be used as a storage space for food, dog supplies and tools.

Kennels with dividing wall

Do you need a pen for two dogs or for more dogs? Dog kennels with a dividing wall are a suitable solution. The pens can be freely extended to the desired length.

Combined kennels

Combination dog pens offer four front wall variants in different designs. The advantage of our pens is also the possibility of combining the individual walls as required.

Dog pens

We produce insulated and non-insulated kennels in different sizes for all dog breeds.

Staging boxes

Staging boxes are suitable for short-term use for staging dogs after training or when catching dogs in a shelter, city or village.

Puppy playpens

The playpens can be assembled from 1 m or 2 m parts. You can assemble the necessary size of playpen from the individual parts.

Dog feeders

We offer fixed, swivel, single or double feeders for dogs. Feeders are simply mounted on the front wall of the pen. The capacity of the feeders is 2.5 litres or 4 litres.

Features and benefits

Solid and stable

Hot-dip galvanized
metal parts

Easy and quick

Treated against
mold and moisture



Possibility to connect
to the desired length

in the Czech Republic

Dog kennels

Our pens are of the kit type. They consist of metal frames with special connecting elements. All metal parts are zinc-plated. The back and side walls of the pens are standard wooden. The front walls are with doors and are made with a net of fillers or logs. The floor of the pens consists of a steel frame and is preserved including the CETRIS floorboards. The roof of the pens is standardly made of galvanized trapezoidal sheet, but it can also be wooden with a shingle covering.

We manufacture insulated and non-insulated dog houses and deliver them already assembled, ready for immediate use.

We supply stand-up boxes for resting or trapping dogs in a design with three places. The parking boxes can be adapted to two or even one place as required. Stall boxes are most often used by cynological organizations, cities and municipalities.

Puppy pens are made of hot-dip galvanized metal frames with mesh filling. Individual parts can be easily assembled into enclosures of any size. We manufacture and supply parts of 1 m or 2 m size.

Dog feeders are designed to be mounted on the front wall of pens. We make feeders single or double, fixed or rotating. The volume of the feeders is 2.5 l or 4 l.

Our implementation of
kennels for dogs

Kennels for dogs

Kennel for dogs in cooperation with mini shelter Voříškov

Kennels standard network Pens with extension
Kennels for dogs

Kennels for dogs in cooperation with the VENOOM kennel

Kennels standard network Combination pens
Kennels for dogs

Kennel for a dog 2 x 4 m

Combination pens
Kennels for dogs

Pen with a dividing wall 2 x 4 m

Pens with dividing wall
Kennels for dogs

Pen with outbuilding

Pens with extension
Kennels for dogs

Kennel for a dog with an extension

Pens with extension
Kennels for dogs

Pen for a dog 2 x 4 m

Combination pens
Kennels for dogs

Kennel for a dog 2 x 3 m

Kennels standard network